Experience the epitome of beauty and sophistication at our salons, where excellence is our standard and your satisfaction is our priority.

Our Story

At Maroon Salons, our story is a tapestry of beauty, creativity, and client-centered excellence.

Explore the captivating journey of Maroon International Unisex Salon & Makeup Studio, where passion meets innovation to deliver unforgettable beauty experiences. From our humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of style, discover personalized luxury treatments crafted to enhance your natural beauty. Join us in celebrating our commitment to excellence and self-expression, as we continue to redefine the salon experience one client at a time.


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National Award
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World Top Salon
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Our Salons

Explore the splendor of our branches, each a sanctuary of beauty and style, dedicated to fulfilling your every desire.

Lakh+ Client's
Year+ Business


Embark on a journey of beauty and rejuvenation at our Barasat branch, where every visit promises personalized pampering and unmatched elegance.


Enter a realm of timeless beauty and indulgence at our Belghoria branch, where every appointment is an exquisite journey tailored to enhance your natural allure.


Step into serenity and style at our Birati branch, where beauty is crafted with precision and every detail reflects elegance.


Step into beauty’s haven at our Sodepur branch, where every visit is a luxurious escape into elegance and excellence.

Dum Dum

At our Dum Dum branch, indulge in a realm of beauty where sophistication intertwines with personalized care, ensuring a radiant transformation with every visit.


At our Barrackpore branch, immerse yourself in a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility, where each visit is a revitalizing experience crafted to enhance your radiance.


Experience the epitome of beauty at our Kanchrapara branch, where every visit is a journey of indulgence and refinement, leaving you feeling utterly transformed.

Our Commitment

At Maroon Salon, our commitment is unwavering. We pledge to deliver nothing short of excellence in every aspect of your beauty journey. From personalized service to expert treatments, we go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. With us, experience the epitome of luxury and refinement, where your beauty dreams become a radiant reality.

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